Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to knit a cell phone cover with Anillas de lata?

In this modern age, cell phones have become a necessity for everyone. It is a modern tool to be connected with the large world. Most of the people spent handsome amount of money on cell phones to maintain their reputation in high class society. They are also fond of taking care of their precious gadgets by keeping them in expensive covers and laminations. There is variety of beautiful covers introduced in the market for the purpose of covering the cell phone. The covers are manufactured from different materials such as plastic, steel, cloth, rubber etc. These covers help users to preserve their mobiles from scratches and damage.

Make mobile cover from Anillas de lata:

Do you know that Anillas de lata can also be used to stitch a cover for a mobile phone? Now, you must be thinking that, how can a rough metal preserve a cell phone? The answer to that is simple! You can simply construct the shape of the cover according to your cell phone and stitch cloth piece and thin foam inside the cover to make it safe and stylish. It will be stylish as well as safe enough to make your cell phone damages resistance. Just follow the below mentioned guidelines and you will be able to make a handsome cell phone cover with Anillas lata:

Select a design for it

First of all get an idea as what you are going to make. Most important is thing that matters are your cell phone structure. Most of the smart phones are light-weight but they are large in sizes and they vary in sizes too. You can estimate the size of its cover by simple placing it on a piece of cloth and then start working on it. Anillas de lata is a multi dimensional material with respect to shaping covers of different products. According to the size of mobile you can select your favorite design which can be matched in color with your cell phone as Anillas lata are available in different colors. The designs may incorporate a zipper, buttons, magic sticker or ribbons to fold its upper part. It depends on your choice and ease.

Collect the required material

As soon as you decide a design as how to make a mobile cover then go for the materials you want to use in it. You will need the following items:

  • Colored and simple Anillas de lata

  • The stitching material such as; needles, threads or ribbon, a piece of cloth to stitch inside the cover, buttons or zipper
  • Additional items to decorate your mobile cover

  • You can easily find these things in the market near your place. Be wise when you purchase the material, as a shortage in material may delay the making of your mobile cover whereas the excess material will remain useless which is loss of your money. The number of Anillas de lata de aluminio to be used in the cover should be estimated and bought or collected with care along with other required material. Mostly, some people already have most of these things available in their house.

    Learn more knots to stitch your cover beautifully

    As the design has been decided and the material is also available let’s start with stitching the cover of your hand held device. Anillas de lata can be mould in different designs by cutting and curving its shape. A cutter can be used to cut it from either side and then join it with another Anillas lata. It can be knotted beautifully in a particular shape by learning new knitting techniques. Knots are of different kinds that technically joins the various materials in a required shape. The more you learn knots the more you will be able to produce beautifully designed mobile covers. Initially knots may seem tough and complicated to learn and practice, but by practicing a few knots repeatedly, you will become master of this art.

    Thursday, 17 May 2012

    Do you think anillas de lata deserve a place in the garbage can?

    Summers are here and in many parts of the world people relish drinking cold drinks. They consume so many cans in one day that by the end of a month it would make a huge pile of tin cans. Do you love drinking soda and carbonated drinks from the tin cans? What do you do with the anillas de lata when you open the tin can and what happens to the cans after you are drinking from the can? Now you must be thinking, “Of course I will throw them away! I only drink what is in the can. I do not want my house to be a storage place for empty tin cans and scattered anillas de lata, they are useless for me!”

    Is anillas de lata really Useless?

    Anillas de lata is useless for only those who think that it is use for opening a tin can and after the can is opened, it has just one place to go and that is a garbage can! But there are some fellows who can do so many things from anillas de lata. Many people make amazing jewelry items, dresses, accessories and even decoration pieces!

    Something for the unemployed people

    Anillas de lata can mean a lot to unemployed people. How? Well, the unemployed or less salary people can collect anillas de lata and start a business of their own by making and selling beautiful things made from anillas de lata. One does not necessarily need to purchase or rent out a manufacturing area or an outlet for displaying or selling the products made from anillas de lata. Initially, it is easy to collect anillas de lata and other material required for making different things from anillas de lata at one’s home. You can create a Facebook page and show your products there and sell your anillas de lata jewelry and other items on this social networking site. Or you can later invest in getting a website for selling your products. You can later also hire more people to make the stuff from anillas de lata. It will help many other unemployed people out there. Isn’t it a nice idea? Did you ever think of this before? I hope you didn’t.

    Can anillas de lata help us look stylish?

    You can make stuff like bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, and earrings by simply joining anillas de lata or knotting them with colorful ribbons or strings. Some people use coloured anillas de lata, so that they can match with one’s dress. A person beautiful earrings, necklace, bracelet and hair accessories made from blue anillas de lata will look nice and attractive with a blue dress. You can also make laces from anillas de lata by joining and covering them with crochet. You will agree to this that anillas de lata can help you look stylish without making too many investments.

    How about helping others?

    Do you know someone who is creative and talented? Is that person looking for a job or wants to earn extra money? If yes, then how about helping that fellow? It will be great if you suggest that person to make cool stuff from anillas de lata. Reusing anillas de lata by making things will not only help people who are finding ways of keeping themselves busy and earning a nice living but it will also help the environment. As reusing anillas de lata in different ways will cut the cost of recycling. It will also reduce the litter and landfills.

    What about the tin cans? Can we re-use them too?
    You must be thinking that what about the tin cans of soda, can you reuse them to as the anillas de lata? Yes, you can there are many ways you can make use of them too. You can decorate the cans by covering them with wrapping paper or paint them. After this, you can either use the cans as stationary holder or use them as pots of flowers and plants.

    Tuesday, 15 May 2012

    How to make different things from Anillas de lata

    Summers are here and we all love drinking juices and carbonated brewages. We buy large number of tin cans of soda and juices every month. Quench our thirst and relish the taste of our most favourite soft drinks and then discard them without thinking that we can save the environment and cost of recycling by re-using these cans and Anillas de lata in various ways.

    Anillas de lata can be cleaned, coloured and used in making bags, attractive jewellery items and accessories, such as; hair pins, clips, brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets etc. I am sure that after reading this article you will realize that how many Anillas de lata you have wasted so far which you could have used in making different crafts and even designing your dresses.

    Re-use empty cans of soft drinks

    You must be wondering how you can re-use tin cans. Well, it is very easy. All you have to do is to remove the Anillas de lata and cut the upper part of the tin can and then decorate the empty cans by covering it with gift wraps or crochet Anillas de lata or beads and use these tin cans as pencil holders, coin bank, flower vase or simply keep them in your kitchen for keeping spoons and cutlery. You can even grow money plans in these cans. There are so many things that we can do with these tin cans of soda, that we otherwise, just throw away!

    Make jewellery from Anillas de lata

    Have you been spending too much in buying matching jewellery and accessories? Worry not; you can use Anillas de lata for making your own jewellery and thus saving your money. Anillas de lata are available in different colours, you can choose any Anillas de lata that you like. For instance, if you have bought a blue dress for wearing at a party then Anillas de lata Azules is perfect for making blue bracelets, earrings and other jewellery items and accessories that can go with your blue party outfit. You will look splendid at the party with yourself designed jewellery made from Anillas de lata Azules.
    For making a bracelet from Anillas de lata, simply join Anillas de lata Azules or any other colour you like, with aluminum rings and make a closure with a Lobster clasp.

    Let’s use Anillas de lata in crochet

    You can make great bedspreads, brooches, clutches, belts, table covers, mats and many other items by using Anillas de lata in crochet. People will marvel your art and creativity!
    Here is how you can make a flower with Anillas de lata:
    • 1.Crochet threads with strong synthetic fibre
    • 2.Three crochet needles
    • 3.Six Anillas de lata
    • 4.Wire cutter
    • 5.Scissors
    • 6.Lighter
    Method of making flower with Anillas de lata:

    First of all clean all the Anillas de lata and cut sharp edges carefully with the wire cutter. After this you can commence crocheting the centre of the flower using a single stitch to cover the thin side of the Anillas de lata that we pull to open a can. ). Continue until you join all 6 Anillas de lata in a line. Pull the Anillas de lata in a circle and fill the centre of the circle with single stitches until you will it completely. Then cut the thread and burn the edge with a lighter, to prevent it from frying. Then fill petals of the Anillas de lata flower with any other colour, using a double stitch. Cover all the petals and connect them together. Join the last petal with the first one with a single stitch and burn the edge of the thread as earlier. You can crochet as many flowers as you like and use them for making scarves, wall-hangings or sew them to a hair pin.

    Wednesday, 9 May 2012

    Can you imagine different products made from Anillas de lata?

    You can make variety of products by just tackling Anillas de lata with the stitching material. The useless Anillas de lata can be made useful with innovation and hard work. New products or things can be made at home with little effort in collecting it and joining them in an artistic manner.

    Anillas de lata can be collected by keeping a close eye on every lid of a cold drink can that opens near you. Simply remove the Anillas de lata from the can and place them at a safe place. Each and every Anillas de lata is very valuable in making your desired object. The summer season is ideal for collecting Anillas de lata at home in a short span of time as most of the house members drink the soft drinks frequently. The collection task can be circulated in the home so that everyone from house can contribute towards your Anillas de lata collection. Anillas de lata can be bought from market if someone want to make a product without wait but collecting at home is very economical and will give you enough time to make plans for the design of various things. By following just below you can explore some of the major areas in which you can make new products for your personal use as well as gifting your friends and family.

    How to make with different things from Anillas de lata?

    Anillas de lata is a universal material that can be used ino maximum products of daily use. Mostly females use it to make jewelry from it. The simple jewelry like clips, hair pins, brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be made easily at home. This simple jewelry can be made within a few minutes for example making a bracelet needs about 20-30 Anillas de lata which can be arranged one after another and stitched with two-three ribbons or stylish ropes. The jewelry items can be made more beautiful by learning to tie different knots to stitch Anillas de lata together.

    Make decorations with Anillas de lata.

    The home or office looks attractive in the presence of decoration marvels. Anillas de lata can be used in making decorative objects, such as artificial flowers, pen holders, center piece of a tea-table and rugs. The decoration objects can be made simply by pasting the colorful Anillas de lata on different things, for example a tin can be used first to get an Anillas de lata from it and then use the same empty tin as pen-holder. The pen-holder can be decorated by pasting Anillas de lata in various styles like horizontally, vertically, in circles or even you can make alphabets on the tin. Various holding objects can also be made using Anillas de lata like the one that hangs with the wall or a basket on the dining table.

    How about using Anillas de lata on your Dresses?

    Designing beautiful dresses is one of the favorite hobbies of females as well as males. Mostly, the females are fond of wearing unique dresses that other female can hardly find the same in the market. You can use Anillas de lata on dresses in a unique way. Anillas de lata will give your dresses new and stylish look. Making shirts and caps from Anillas de lata requires special skills as it’s a long project. Although it’s an easy stitching job but the systematic arrangement of Anillas de lata to sew a shirt needs proper concentration and guidance. Making dresses from Anillas de lata need a huge collection of Anillas de lata which cannot be achieved at home easily. To wear a dress made up of Anillas de lata, you either have to consult someone to make one for you or visit a nearby store to buy a readymade outfit made from Anillas de lata. Many men love wearing belts and ties made from Anillas de lata.