Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Can you imagine different products made from Anillas de lata?

You can make variety of products by just tackling Anillas de lata with the stitching material. The useless Anillas de lata can be made useful with innovation and hard work. New products or things can be made at home with little effort in collecting it and joining them in an artistic manner.

Anillas de lata can be collected by keeping a close eye on every lid of a cold drink can that opens near you. Simply remove the Anillas de lata from the can and place them at a safe place. Each and every Anillas de lata is very valuable in making your desired object. The summer season is ideal for collecting Anillas de lata at home in a short span of time as most of the house members drink the soft drinks frequently. The collection task can be circulated in the home so that everyone from house can contribute towards your Anillas de lata collection. Anillas de lata can be bought from market if someone want to make a product without wait but collecting at home is very economical and will give you enough time to make plans for the design of various things. By following just below you can explore some of the major areas in which you can make new products for your personal use as well as gifting your friends and family.

How to make with different things from Anillas de lata?

Anillas de lata is a universal material that can be used ino maximum products of daily use. Mostly females use it to make jewelry from it. The simple jewelry like clips, hair pins, brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be made easily at home. This simple jewelry can be made within a few minutes for example making a bracelet needs about 20-30 Anillas de lata which can be arranged one after another and stitched with two-three ribbons or stylish ropes. The jewelry items can be made more beautiful by learning to tie different knots to stitch Anillas de lata together.

Make decorations with Anillas de lata.

The home or office looks attractive in the presence of decoration marvels. Anillas de lata can be used in making decorative objects, such as artificial flowers, pen holders, center piece of a tea-table and rugs. The decoration objects can be made simply by pasting the colorful Anillas de lata on different things, for example a tin can be used first to get an Anillas de lata from it and then use the same empty tin as pen-holder. The pen-holder can be decorated by pasting Anillas de lata in various styles like horizontally, vertically, in circles or even you can make alphabets on the tin. Various holding objects can also be made using Anillas de lata like the one that hangs with the wall or a basket on the dining table.

How about using Anillas de lata on your Dresses?

Designing beautiful dresses is one of the favorite hobbies of females as well as males. Mostly, the females are fond of wearing unique dresses that other female can hardly find the same in the market. You can use Anillas de lata on dresses in a unique way. Anillas de lata will give your dresses new and stylish look. Making shirts and caps from Anillas de lata requires special skills as it’s a long project. Although it’s an easy stitching job but the systematic arrangement of Anillas de lata to sew a shirt needs proper concentration and guidance. Making dresses from Anillas de lata need a huge collection of Anillas de lata which cannot be achieved at home easily. To wear a dress made up of Anillas de lata, you either have to consult someone to make one for you or visit a nearby store to buy a readymade outfit made from Anillas de lata. Many men love wearing belts and ties made from Anillas de lata.

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