Thursday, 17 May 2012

Do you think anillas de lata deserve a place in the garbage can?

Summers are here and in many parts of the world people relish drinking cold drinks. They consume so many cans in one day that by the end of a month it would make a huge pile of tin cans. Do you love drinking soda and carbonated drinks from the tin cans? What do you do with the anillas de lata when you open the tin can and what happens to the cans after you are drinking from the can? Now you must be thinking, “Of course I will throw them away! I only drink what is in the can. I do not want my house to be a storage place for empty tin cans and scattered anillas de lata, they are useless for me!”

Is anillas de lata really Useless?

Anillas de lata is useless for only those who think that it is use for opening a tin can and after the can is opened, it has just one place to go and that is a garbage can! But there are some fellows who can do so many things from anillas de lata. Many people make amazing jewelry items, dresses, accessories and even decoration pieces!

Something for the unemployed people

Anillas de lata can mean a lot to unemployed people. How? Well, the unemployed or less salary people can collect anillas de lata and start a business of their own by making and selling beautiful things made from anillas de lata. One does not necessarily need to purchase or rent out a manufacturing area or an outlet for displaying or selling the products made from anillas de lata. Initially, it is easy to collect anillas de lata and other material required for making different things from anillas de lata at one’s home. You can create a Facebook page and show your products there and sell your anillas de lata jewelry and other items on this social networking site. Or you can later invest in getting a website for selling your products. You can later also hire more people to make the stuff from anillas de lata. It will help many other unemployed people out there. Isn’t it a nice idea? Did you ever think of this before? I hope you didn’t.

Can anillas de lata help us look stylish?

You can make stuff like bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, and earrings by simply joining anillas de lata or knotting them with colorful ribbons or strings. Some people use coloured anillas de lata, so that they can match with one’s dress. A person beautiful earrings, necklace, bracelet and hair accessories made from blue anillas de lata will look nice and attractive with a blue dress. You can also make laces from anillas de lata by joining and covering them with crochet. You will agree to this that anillas de lata can help you look stylish without making too many investments.

How about helping others?

Do you know someone who is creative and talented? Is that person looking for a job or wants to earn extra money? If yes, then how about helping that fellow? It will be great if you suggest that person to make cool stuff from anillas de lata. Reusing anillas de lata by making things will not only help people who are finding ways of keeping themselves busy and earning a nice living but it will also help the environment. As reusing anillas de lata in different ways will cut the cost of recycling. It will also reduce the litter and landfills.

What about the tin cans? Can we re-use them too?
You must be thinking that what about the tin cans of soda, can you reuse them to as the anillas de lata? Yes, you can there are many ways you can make use of them too. You can decorate the cans by covering them with wrapping paper or paint them. After this, you can either use the cans as stationary holder or use them as pots of flowers and plants.

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