Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How to make different things from Anillas de lata

Summers are here and we all love drinking juices and carbonated brewages. We buy large number of tin cans of soda and juices every month. Quench our thirst and relish the taste of our most favourite soft drinks and then discard them without thinking that we can save the environment and cost of recycling by re-using these cans and Anillas de lata in various ways.

Anillas de lata can be cleaned, coloured and used in making bags, attractive jewellery items and accessories, such as; hair pins, clips, brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets etc. I am sure that after reading this article you will realize that how many Anillas de lata you have wasted so far which you could have used in making different crafts and even designing your dresses.

Re-use empty cans of soft drinks

You must be wondering how you can re-use tin cans. Well, it is very easy. All you have to do is to remove the Anillas de lata and cut the upper part of the tin can and then decorate the empty cans by covering it with gift wraps or crochet Anillas de lata or beads and use these tin cans as pencil holders, coin bank, flower vase or simply keep them in your kitchen for keeping spoons and cutlery. You can even grow money plans in these cans. There are so many things that we can do with these tin cans of soda, that we otherwise, just throw away!

Make jewellery from Anillas de lata

Have you been spending too much in buying matching jewellery and accessories? Worry not; you can use Anillas de lata for making your own jewellery and thus saving your money. Anillas de lata are available in different colours, you can choose any Anillas de lata that you like. For instance, if you have bought a blue dress for wearing at a party then Anillas de lata Azules is perfect for making blue bracelets, earrings and other jewellery items and accessories that can go with your blue party outfit. You will look splendid at the party with yourself designed jewellery made from Anillas de lata Azules.
For making a bracelet from Anillas de lata, simply join Anillas de lata Azules or any other colour you like, with aluminum rings and make a closure with a Lobster clasp.

Let’s use Anillas de lata in crochet

You can make great bedspreads, brooches, clutches, belts, table covers, mats and many other items by using Anillas de lata in crochet. People will marvel your art and creativity!
Here is how you can make a flower with Anillas de lata:
  • 1.Crochet threads with strong synthetic fibre
  • 2.Three crochet needles
  • 3.Six Anillas de lata
  • 4.Wire cutter
  • 5.Scissors
  • 6.Lighter
Method of making flower with Anillas de lata:

First of all clean all the Anillas de lata and cut sharp edges carefully with the wire cutter. After this you can commence crocheting the centre of the flower using a single stitch to cover the thin side of the Anillas de lata that we pull to open a can. ). Continue until you join all 6 Anillas de lata in a line. Pull the Anillas de lata in a circle and fill the centre of the circle with single stitches until you will it completely. Then cut the thread and burn the edge with a lighter, to prevent it from frying. Then fill petals of the Anillas de lata flower with any other colour, using a double stitch. Cover all the petals and connect them together. Join the last petal with the first one with a single stitch and burn the edge of the thread as earlier. You can crochet as many flowers as you like and use them for making scarves, wall-hangings or sew them to a hair pin.

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