Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to knit a cell phone cover with Anillas de lata?

In this modern age, cell phones have become a necessity for everyone. It is a modern tool to be connected with the large world. Most of the people spent handsome amount of money on cell phones to maintain their reputation in high class society. They are also fond of taking care of their precious gadgets by keeping them in expensive covers and laminations. There is variety of beautiful covers introduced in the market for the purpose of covering the cell phone. The covers are manufactured from different materials such as plastic, steel, cloth, rubber etc. These covers help users to preserve their mobiles from scratches and damage.

Make mobile cover from Anillas de lata:

Do you know that Anillas de lata can also be used to stitch a cover for a mobile phone? Now, you must be thinking that, how can a rough metal preserve a cell phone? The answer to that is simple! You can simply construct the shape of the cover according to your cell phone and stitch cloth piece and thin foam inside the cover to make it safe and stylish. It will be stylish as well as safe enough to make your cell phone damages resistance. Just follow the below mentioned guidelines and you will be able to make a handsome cell phone cover with Anillas lata:

Select a design for it

First of all get an idea as what you are going to make. Most important is thing that matters are your cell phone structure. Most of the smart phones are light-weight but they are large in sizes and they vary in sizes too. You can estimate the size of its cover by simple placing it on a piece of cloth and then start working on it. Anillas de lata is a multi dimensional material with respect to shaping covers of different products. According to the size of mobile you can select your favorite design which can be matched in color with your cell phone as Anillas lata are available in different colors. The designs may incorporate a zipper, buttons, magic sticker or ribbons to fold its upper part. It depends on your choice and ease.

Collect the required material

As soon as you decide a design as how to make a mobile cover then go for the materials you want to use in it. You will need the following items:

  • Colored and simple Anillas de lata

  • The stitching material such as; needles, threads or ribbon, a piece of cloth to stitch inside the cover, buttons or zipper
  • Additional items to decorate your mobile cover

  • You can easily find these things in the market near your place. Be wise when you purchase the material, as a shortage in material may delay the making of your mobile cover whereas the excess material will remain useless which is loss of your money. The number of Anillas de lata de aluminio to be used in the cover should be estimated and bought or collected with care along with other required material. Mostly, some people already have most of these things available in their house.

    Learn more knots to stitch your cover beautifully

    As the design has been decided and the material is also available let’s start with stitching the cover of your hand held device. Anillas de lata can be mould in different designs by cutting and curving its shape. A cutter can be used to cut it from either side and then join it with another Anillas lata. It can be knotted beautifully in a particular shape by learning new knitting techniques. Knots are of different kinds that technically joins the various materials in a required shape. The more you learn knots the more you will be able to produce beautifully designed mobile covers. Initially knots may seem tough and complicated to learn and practice, but by practicing a few knots repeatedly, you will become master of this art.

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